Seychelles featured in prominent Business Beijing Magazine


The Seychelles Ambassador accredited to China, HE Mr. Philippe Le Gall, has been prominently featured in the latest issue of the highly popular and respected Business Beijing Magazine.

The four-page article shows a portrait of Ambassador Le Gall holding the island’s unique “coco de mer” nut. The article says that Ambassador Le Gall of the Seychelles brings a unique point of view to Sino-African relations. “Representing a small African country, but also a country active in the Small Island Developing States movement, Le Gall is also accredited to Japan, the Philippines, the Koreas, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Much of his effort is spent promoting tourism to the Seychelles, but the country’s political importance should not be underestimated,” said Charles J. Dukes in his feature article in Business Beijing Magazine.

Ambassador Philippe Le Gall is not shy to say in his interview, “This year we opened a tourism office in our embassy, and a Seychellois tourism attaché has been appointed.” The Business Beijing Magazine says that this shows clearly the commitment of the Seychelles Ambassador to China for the economy of his country.

Tourism remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy and Ambassador Le Gall is known to have been working tirelessly in the development of this key industry from China. The CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, congratulated Ambassador Philippe Le Gall when he was in China this week as part of the Presidential delegation of the island’s President James Michel.

“The consolidation and the continued development of the Seychelles tourism industry is the responsibility of every Seychellois and above all that of the country’s representatives based overseas. We cannot depend on that pillar of our economy and not see the importance to work to consolidate it. No Seychellois should be shy to be seen to be defending his country’s tourism industry, and there is no better way to defend it than to be seen to be actively helping in its progress,” said Alain St.Ange in China this week.