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Italian Government Tourist Board and Automobile Club Italia sign MOU

Italian Government Tourist Board and Automobile Club Italia sign MOU

The president of ENIT (The Italian Government Tourist Board), Giorgio Palmucci, and president of the ACI (Automobile Club of Italy), Angelo Schicchi Damiani, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that provides for the union of synergies for mutual collaboration to attract sports tourists in Italy.

The mutual benefit agreement is seen as a multiplier of events that can attract sports tourists and be new opportunities to visit the country to prolong their stay.

The tourist movement of foreigners who visit Italy by car at sporting events reaches 685,000 annually. ACI follows and supports sporting events of great media appeal such as the Formula One Grand Prix (GP) in Monza, the World Rally Championship in Sardinia, the Targa Florio the Mille Miglia, and the Golden Cup of the Dolomites.

It also deals with special initiatives such as the combination at the Monza GP of an exhibition of the Ferrari model in the historic center of Venice, with enormous public success in 2018. These initiatives can be organized jointly with ENIT.

The sporting events mentioned by the ACI president produce an estimated expenditure of around 440 million euros and 3.5 million overnight stays.

“We want to repeat these operations also with the help of ENIT, that boasts delegations all over the world, to ensure that foreigners, but also Italians, are induced to visit our villages and our smaller cities, before or after the event and prolong their stay, with beneficial effects in terms of tourism spending on the territory,” declared president Damiani.

ACI launched the idea of starting immediately with an event that will bring the Ferraris and Alfa Romeos to Piazza Duomo in Milan on the occasion of the upcoming Formula One GP in September. The proposal was accepted by Palmucci promising an immediate planning to identify the projects of events and promotional operations to be carried out jointly and also hoping for the sharing with ACI of involvement in international projects.

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