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How Would the World Change if Schools Stopped Working?

How Would the World Change if Schools Stopped Working?

There is little doubt about it. Pull up any paper, report or news broadcast, and you’ll hear the same thing being repeated:  The American education system is broken. Schools aren’t given enough money or resources to perform to the proper standards, and it’s the children that are suffering from it. Between caring more about football than studying and the free essays you can easily get online to avoid working, the education system is broken from the inside out. But could it get worse? What does it mean?

The Current Education System and Its Faults

There are upsides and downsides to the current education system. Most agree that it’s very flawed. However, we see a good deal of students with positive outcomes. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything wrong. Most of the schools in the country (especially low-income, poor schools) have issues that are similar to those listed below. But, when reading, keep in mind that it can always get worse. We’re still at a point where intervention can save our education system if we’re willing to intrude.

Poor Students Learning Less

It’s already a fact, but, if the education system stopped completely, it would only become worse. As of now, students who are poor and go to low-income schools tend to learn not that much as their peers who go to better schools. This is for a few reasons. One is that there are more resources available to those who have more money. Another is that middle- or upper-class children tend to have parents who can spend money and time helping them with their academics. Overcrowding in poor schools is likely another culprit.

Crowded Classrooms

Many of the poorest students are stuck in classrooms that are packed as tight as they can get. There are times when you can examine some learners not occupying a desk because there simply aren’t enough. In situations like this, teachers simply don’t have time to spend individually with each person. There won’t usually be time to check for plagiarism online, so plagiarism and cheating can become rampant. Even the best checker can’t help if the teacher is too busy to use them. A quick search of “check essay for plagiarism” eats up too much time.

Little Help for Special Needs Children

Special needs children of all ages usually need more support than average students. Sometimes, that involves hiring someone to watch after them alone in a one-on-one setting. As of now, these resources are normally provided by the government at no cost. If the education system completely stopped working, that would likely go, as well, leaving these particularly vulnerable students with no recourse or help. It’s a sad thing to consider and something that should be avoided at all costs.

Overloading Homework

We’re already seeing students coming home from middle school with more homework than their parents had in a week while they were in college. Homework is more than just an annoyance; it eats into the child’s limited free time after a full day at school. Some more modern schools are beginning to do away with the concept of homework. Meanwhile, some are doubling down on it. Should it become worse, you can expect students to find ways around these rules. An essay database can make turning in an “original” paper a piece of cake.

How Would the World Change if Schools Stopped Working?

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Students Being Shuffled Forward

When we think of students being done a disservice, most people will imagine someone being held back a grade, not allowed to move forward with peers. It seems like a cruel thing to do, something designed to hurt. It must feel embarrassing to all involved, especially if the student tried his or her best but just wasn’t getting it. Can’t we just move them forward? It seems like a harmless suggestion, but that actually does hurt them. Even in the current system, we’re seeing some graduating being functionally illiterate. They’ve managed to graduate without even knowing how to read or write because their teachers and school administration simply shuffled them further another grade. Instead, holding them back so that they can actually learn is the better option.

Standardized Tests… Everywhere

This is a small thing, but the one to pay attention to. Standardized tests can be good, but it’s not a good idea to take them continuously throughout the year. Not only does studying for these (normally unrelated to the curriculum) tests takes time away from the lesson plan that the teacher prepared, it also puts stress and strain on the student. Many learn to hate tests and exams for this reason alone. Most experts agree that we need to curtail our use of standardized tests.

There are many ways that the education system could become worse than it is now. That’s saying something, considering its already mostly-dilapidated state. It’s an easy trap to fall into, and the one that we have to be careful to avoid. If we succeed, though, we can build a better system and future.