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Blocked by Facebook? eTurboNews is banned from Facebook for 72 hours

Blocked by Facebook? eTurboNews is banned from Facebook for 72 hours

eTurboNews apologizes to our many followers on Facebook and those that are  “friends” with our publisher. eTN Publisher Juergen Steinmetz personally goes through an extensive list of daily birthdays and writes to every Facebook friend: “Happy birthday and many more …..”

If your birthday was in the last 2 days, you didn’t see this post. If you sent a Facebook message to any of eTN’s many pages you would have not received a response, and if you were looking for eTN news updates on our Facebook and community pages there weren’t any.

Steinmetz is currently in Asia and was trying to share his trips with Facebook friends only to receive a message saying his personal page and all eTurboNews business pages were banned for 72 hours. The reason was a third party post on TravelWireNews . This post was going against “Facebook’s community standards.”

The post included an animation that could be seen as slightly erotic and perhaps offensive for some. The post came from a third-party and not directly from eTurboNews.

“We would have appreciated for Facebook to inform us about their concern.  I would have personally removed the photo”, Steinmetz said. “However implementing corporate punishment and censorship of our content is alarming and is wrong and is against the First Amendment of Freedom of Impression and Press freedom we enjoy as a U.S. based company.”

eTurboNews contacted Facebook without success.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly defended “deeply offensive” free speech on the website, arguing that even Holocaust deniers have a right to express their views on the platform. Recent revelations suggest that this public defense of free expression is a farce, and completely contradicted by systematic Facebook practices to quash conservative opinion.

According to a report a  former Facebook insider who was interviewed by Project Veritas, the social media giant has allegedly developed an entire set of tools that it frequently uses to suppress conservative voices and target outspoken right-leaning users.

eTurboNews is not a conservative voice, so it appears such tools are used against anyone to suppress free speech on the Facebook platform.

Steinmetz concluded: “We will be back up and running on Facebook tomorrow. However, eTurboNews will evaluate on how to include Facebook in the future.”

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