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Hainan resort town set to become China’s first language barrier-free international city

Hainan resort town set to become China’s first language barrier-free international city

The city of Sanya released Work Program on Sanya Barrier-free International City Construction, taking the lead in building a language barrier-free international city in China, for examples, public space multilingual signage system, 24-hour hotline for foreign language service, multilingual tourism service system, intelligent translation terminal and service center for foreigners. According to Sanya Municipal People’s Government, Sanya will adopt the construction model of government planning, enterprise investment and construction, and phased procurement to promote the implementation of the construction in three different stages and four aspects: sign system construction, service network construction, multilingual translation service and information system.

Sanya will integrate various foreign-related application scenarios, including tourism consumption, government affairs, public services, and business activities. Besides, it will establish an open and shared international language service system, combining foreign service centers, immigration service centers, tourism information consultation centers, tourist service centers and municipal service center to create a convenient, intelligent and humanistic service platform, in the same time, the city will also combine new technologies and formats to explore in-depth services such as AR real-time image translation and simultaneous interpretation of artificial intelligence, providing the all-weather, multi-domain and multi-lingual professional translation services for foreigners.

In addition, Sanya will give full play to the role of the market and actively guide hotels, scenic spots, shopping malls, restaurants and other tourism companies to participate in the construction of barrier-free international city construction and promote the international development of Sanya tourism. In the near future, tourism, work, life and business investment environment in Sanya will be more comfortable, convenient and efficient.

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