Head of Seychelles Tourism Board Office in Seoul publishes marathon book


Dong Chang Jeong published his book entitled “Life Changes When You Run.” Mr. Jeong, as he is affectionately called, is also the Seychelles Consul in Korea and he heads the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Operation in Seoul.

Mr. Jeong’s 247-page book has some 7 pages dedicated to the Seychelles’ own Eco-Healing Marathon that takes place at the end of February/early March annually. This Eco-Healing Marathon, which attracts enthusiasts from the 4corners of the world, is the brainchild of Mr. Jeong himself with the help of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Korea Manager, Julie Kim.

Dong Chang Jeong is a keen marathon runner and has participated in such races all around the world. His book, “Life Changes When You Run,” takes readers to these different exciting marathons and covers with 2 pages of pictures his own experience as a participant in the annual Seychelles Eco-Healing Marathon. With a picture of his own feet following a hard marathon run, Mr. Jeong tells the story of how his life has been changed by participating in marathons.