Team from India champions importance of attachment to Seychelles


A 16-member delegation from the National Defense College of New Delhi in India, led by Rear Admiral Anand Lyer of the Indian Navy, visited Seychelles from October 3-5.

During the 3-day port call, the delegation met with Seychelles Head of State, President James Michel, and other government officials, as well as members from the defense authority.

While in the country, the Seychelles Tourism Board hosted the delegates to lunch at the Wharf Hotel and Marina, where they had the possibility to savor delicious Indian cuisine and Creole dishes.

The luncheon gathering was an opportune moment for Seychelles Tourism Board’s Senior Marketing Executive Amia Jovanovic-Desir to sell the hot points of Seychelles to the eager group in a presentation entitled “Destination Seychelles.”
“In addition to the world famous beaches of Seychelles, there are a host of special attractions in Seychelles for visitors to discover,” she said.

“The presentation was at an ideal moment to our guests knowing some of the delegates were in Seychelles for the first time,” Mrs. Jovanovic-Desir said.
“This had enlightened them of the many aspects of Seychelles, and I am sure that after watching the presentation, this will definitely entice them to come back again with friends and families,” she added.

To show their appreciation towards the warmth gesture of the Tourism Board, Rear Admiral Lyer presented Mrs. Jovanovic-Desir with a memento which she accepted on behalf of the organization.

Rear Admiral Lyer noted that this is the second time in the last three years that the National Defense College team from India has visited Seychelles, pinpointing the importance that India attaches to Seychelles.

After meeting with President James Michel and government officials, Rear Admiral Lyer said that the extra time off allowed the Indian delegates, who were accompanied by their spouse, to shop for souvenirs, enjoy the sun, and relax.

“We are overwhelmed by the gesture prompted to us by Seychelles Tourism Board. I want to express my sincere appreciation and thank you once again for all your support,” he said.

Others also agreed that much like the weather, the warmth of the people truly makes Seychelles an ideal getaway.