Reports from usually reliable sources within the aviation industry and the Civil Aviation Authority have indicated that either one or two fuel trucks apparently burst into flames, when approaching the airport fuel discharge docking station, where the tankers from Kenya normally offload their cargo. JetA1 fuel is carried by road from Kenya in the absence of a longer pipeline and often sees the trailer trucks involved in accidents, yet never before at the airport itself. It could not be ascertained at this stage what manoeuvres by the drivers led to the accident, nor if any people have come to harm. While nothing can be formally ruled in or out, until investigations are completed, it appears unlikely at this stage that this incident was anything other than an accident.

Initial feedback from the airport speaks of an evacuation of nearby buildings as a precaution, although the fire was apparently contained at the scene of the outbreak and the swift reaction by the Entebbe Airport Fire Brigade and the Entebbe Municipal Fire Brigade helped to avoid a spreading of the fire to other areas or to the main fuel reservoir and pumping installations.
It is not believed that the accident and resulting fire will have an significant impact on airtraffic to and from Entebbe today although the loss of aviation fuel may be felt until replacement shipments have been delivered at the airport.