Essaybulls Writing Service: My In-Depth Review

Essaybulls Writing Service: My In-Depth Review

My rating: 9.5 out of 10

My experience with, the service where you don’t pay for an essay online beforehand, is a rather interesting and long story. After my tedious ramblings over the web in search of a reputable writing platform, I came across a previous customer’s comment on this service on one of the academic forums. It was totally negative, discouraging students from dealing with the company. Now that I personally know the company to be one of the best on the web, I suspect that the post was made by some competitor of Essaybulls.

But at that time I just ignored the service based on what the comment suggested. So, I continued seeking a reliable writing company, still to no avail. At one point, I happened to hear of Essaybulls once again. Now it was my friend who was sharing her own experience ordering academic papers, but placing the service in a favorable light. She smirked at my prudence with the “bulls” and strongly recommended to try it out. All in all, I gave up my vain searches and ended up choosing the service based on its vast academic experience. And now, I’d like to delve deeper into why I recognize Essaybulls as the household name in the industry.

  • Essaybulls: What’s in It for You?

The company attracts its customers with an impressive range of academic writing services. It offers research papers, theses, essays, reviews, cased studies, and many more scholarly writing genres. Essaybulls mainly centers on the client base from Western countries, but also offers its high-quality products to  other parts of the world. According to the numerous reviews I’ve checked out, the service is widely favored in the academic business niche. It is rated highly among the hundreds of similar writing companies.

  • What Do You Get with Essaybulls?

  • On the extensive landing page, the service displays its major guarantees and advantages. As a full-service academic writing company, Essaybulls boasts the following perks: 100% privacy, timely delivery, free plagiarism checker, affordable prices, and of course, high quality. Now, I’d like to elaborate on each of them from my standpoint.


  • 100 % privacy

The service places your safety and privacy above all. It provides you with total confidentiality and personal data protection. Thus, you are not asked to give the system your personal information when filling in the order form. Such a privacy policy is a must-have for an academic writing business, as none of us college idlers are willing to be exposed and lambasted by our supervisors.

  • Timely delivery

This is another big advantage of Essaybulls. I was worried that I wouldn’t receive my paper on time since I had ordered it quite late. But the writer did manage to complete it right on time! When it comes to paying for services, I most of all value promptness and agility, which are the striking characteristics of Essaybulls.

  • Free plagiarism checker

Unlike most of the services that feature plagiarism checkers you have to pay for, Essaybulls indulges its customers with a free one. The checker is accurate, but a little difficult at first to use.

  • Affordable prices

The pricing here is very welcoming. I paid for the work half of what I expected, and thus saved some money on it.

  • High quality

My paper in cognitive linguistics featured excellent quality and looked as if it had been written by an English native speaker. The writing possessed conciseness and accuracy and demonstrated remarkable language skills. The topic of the paper was highlighted with great skill, which suggested the writer’s strong background in linguistics. The only downside of the paper was its lack of references, but this didn’t quite change the overall picture of the work.

  • Design

The Essaybulls website showcases neat and up-to-date design, inviting the tense  customer with a reserved combination of well-matching colors: blue, red, yellow, and white. The service embodies its reputability and merit in an image of a red bull, overtly emphasizing the main attributes as resonating with this fearless and determined animal. Concerning its usability, the website is pretty comfy to stroll over. The landing page features all the information that clients need to know about the service. And, despite comprising quite a lot of info, the page still manages to stay user-friendly and logical in terms of the user interface design.

  • Setting Price: Bidding System

When it comes to pricing, Essaybulls doesn’t follow the common scheme employed by most writing services. The service doesn’t provide the set price that the customer has to pay for the product. Instead, the service uses the bidding system, whereby you post your task and wait for writers to offer their help along with their bids. So, you can choose the writer by yourself, according to the price and your personal preferences.

  • Placing an Order

The first step you need to take when placing your order is filling in the order form on the landing page. Then, you are taken to a larger form where you should provide more details about your paper and attach necessary files.

  • Payment Policy

Essybulls has a rather favorable payment policy. You will not pay for your paper in advance, as I stressed in the beginning of this review. You will send the money to the writer only after the entire paper is completed and sent to you. But before paying your writer, you are expected to load your money to your account and then issue the sum to the writer. It’s important to note that you can only get your money back if you haven’t sent the entire amount to your writer. Personally, I think you won’t need to get your cash back, considering everything I mentioned regarding the quality of the service.

  • My Verdict

Essaybulls is a great online writing assistant that can save time by completing your academic chores for you. If you’re a stickler for quick and cheap services and yet can’t stand subpar performance, Essaybulls will be a lucky catch for you. I recommend you to try taking the bull by the horns and share your seamless experience with Essaybulls like I did.

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