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Mess with the bull… 7 people injured in Pamplona bull run

Mess with the bull… 7 people injured in Pamplona bull run

At least seven people were injured during Pamplona’s San Fermin bull running festival, one of whom was gored in the arm, the Red Cross reported.

But the so-called veteran ‘runners’ protested at the lack of excitement at the event. The sit-down protest by several regular attendees took place Thursday morning at the start of the fifth bull run of this year’s event. The San Fermin festival sees spectators and participants line the narrow, winding streets before being chased by rampaging bulls along a 875 meter (950-yard) concourse through the medieval city.

Adherent has been applied for the past decade along the cobblestoned route leading to the bullring to prevent the bulls from slipping and becoming separated from the pack as they run. The measure, though, in turn reduces the chaos of the notoriously unpredictable event.

An estimated one million spectators attend the nine-day San Fermin festival each year in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona. Each morning at 8am, participants test their mettle against the specially-bred bulls that chase the attendant crowds before the animals are killed in the bullring later in the day.