Chinese Tourists met my Hong Kong protesters with a message

Chinese Tourists met my Hong Kong protesters with a message

In Hong Kong tourists from mainland China were met by ten-thousands of local groups on Sunday who wanted to explain their opposition to an extradition bill that has plunged the city into political turmoil. In response Beijing is to impose a limit on the number of mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong, a politician and media said Sunday.

Protests against the now-suspended bill have drawn millions of people onto the streets of the former British colony in recent weeks in what has become the greatest popular challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping since he took power in 2012.

The bill, which would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party, has triggered outrage across broad sections of Hong Kong amid concerns it threatens the much-cherished rule of law that underpins the city’s international financial status.

Protesters marched through Tsim Sha Tsui, a popular shopping destination dotted with luxury shops, on Sunday to try to take their message directly to mainland Chinese tourists for the first time.

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