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Quitting Smoking and Women’s Health

Quitting Smoking and Women’s Health

Smoking is dangerous to both men and women. It’s a known secret that smoking causes numerous preventable diseases and death. However, smoking poses additional risks to female smokers. Although many people know that smoking can lead to lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments, some don’t know that smoking affects the reproductive health of women negatively. It can also cause cervical cancer.

Quitting smoking comes with numerous emotional and physical health benefits. The process of eliminating nicotine from the body starts within minutes once a smoker quits. The body starts healing itself from the damage caused by nicotine. Over time, the risk of developing smoking-related diseases reduces and health improves.

Unfortunately, female smokers have a harder time trying to quit when compared to male smokers. You’ve probably come across college girls that move around with the vape mods  ( https://vapingdaily.com/best-box-mods/ ) they use as quit smoking aids. That’s because while males are apt to be nicotine driven physically in terms of the satisfying feeling provided by smoking, females get psychological rewards from smoking. Such rewards include spending time with smoking friends.

Why Women Smoke

Just like men, women smoke for different reasons. For instance, research has shown that depressed people have higher chances of smoking. And the number of women affected by depression is twice that of men. Some women are also likely to be depressed by the attempt to stop smoking especially if they relapse.

This research has also shown that most women smoke in an attempt to manage moods. What’s more, the relationship between smoking and stress is stronger in females than in males. This makes quitting smoking more challenging for women. Additionally, a woman is likely to relapse or restart smoking following a stressful event like a financial setback.

Since smoking is known to suppress appetite, some women smoke as a way to control weight. Most female smokers are worried that they would gain weight after they quit smoking. As such, they are not motivated to stop smoking and they tend to relapse whenever they attempt to quit.

Conventional prescription medication for people that want to quit blocks the pleasurable effects of nicotine on the brain. This medication may not be effective in women because the majority of them tend to restart smoking following stressful events. As such, a woman that wants to quit smoking can invest in a box mod vape and use it when tempted to light up a traditional cigarette.

Effects of Smoking on Women’s Health

Research has shown that almost every bodily organ is injured by smoking. Tragically, this injury tends to cause incurable ailment and death. Smoking is known to cause different types of cancer. In women, smoking can lead to cervical cancer. It can also cause lung cancer, which is a major cause of death among male and female smokers.

Smoking and Female Reproductive Health

Tobacco smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals. Inhaling these chemicals can injure almost every body part. Here are some of the ways smoking affects female reproductive health.

Smoking and Female Fertility

Cigarette smoking can damage the female reproductive organs leading to difficulty conceiving and reduced fertility. Smoking affects the production of female hormones. That’s why a female smoker can have difficulty trying to conceive. Additionally, some chemicals in a cigarette, like benzene and 1, 3- Butadiene can injure the female reproductive system while reducing fertility.

Even if a female smoker conceives, she can have complications like ectopic pregnancy due to the cigarette smoke’s chemicals. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an egg is fertilized but starts to grow before it reaches the womb. This condition is serious and it mostly leads to fetus’ death. In some cases, maternal death occurs. What’s more, miscarriage can occur if a woman continues to smoke during pregnancy.

Smoking and Pregnancy

According to the World Health Organization report, tobacco has effects that are unique to girls and women in addition to the known health risks it poses to every smoker. However, most women are not fully aware of these effects. Most women are advised to quit smoking due to the effects of tobacco smoke on the unborn child or fetus and not their own health.

Nevertheless, smoking affects the general female health, ability to conceive and keep a healthy pregnancy. In addition to smoking, girls and women can be affected by second-hand smoke negatively. This is an important issue for women and a reason why many people advocate for the use of vape mods that release vapor instead of smoke.

It is estimated that about 400,000 infants in the U.S are exposed to the harmful cigarette smoke every year. This increases the risk of developing numerous complications.

Major among these complications include:

  • Low weight at birth
  • Poor development of the lungs
  • Birth defects like cleft palate and/or cleft lip
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Cigarettes are the most harmful tobacco products when it comes to public health. However, using tobacco products is generally unsafe for women during pregnancy. That’s because almost every tobacco product has nicotine. Nicotine is capable of crossing the placenta to interfere with proper fetal and even postnatal development.

How Smoking Affects Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease. This disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women. Most cases of cardiovascular disease in people aged below 50 years are linked to smoking. Female smokers aged more than 35 years have a slightly higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease when compared to male smokers.

Female smokers aged more than 35 years and use oral contraceptives are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Compared to male smokers, female smokers are at a higher risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm death. This is the weakening of the blood vessel that is responsible for carrying blood to the rest of the body from the heart.

What’s more, smoking increases the risk of developing the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This disease makes breathing difficult and it worsens over time. The risk of developing this disease at a younger age is higher in women than in men. What’s more, the number of females that die from this disease every year is higher than that of males.

Quitting Smoking is the Healthiest Move for Women

Many women have turned to quit smoking aids or devices like vape box mod in their efforts to end the habit. That’s because it’s not easy to quit smoking once the body becomes used to having regular nicotine supply. Nevertheless, quitting smoking is the best way to safeguard the health of a woman, that of the unborn child, and those around her.

Generally, the risk of developing heart disease decreases by up to 50% during the first year of quitting smoking. After 15 years, a former smoker has the same coronary heart disease risk with a non-smoker.

Quitting smoking early or before the age of 40 years can reduce the risk of early death from smoke-related ailments by up to 90%. The risk of the premature death caused by smoke-related ailments can be reduced by about 66% by quitting smoking at the age of 45 to 54 years.

In women, the risk of cervical cancer reduces within a few years after quitting smoking. The risk of lung cancer reduces by almost half in10 years of quitting. But, due to the challenges associated with the attempts to quit smoking, pregnant women should talk to their doctors about it.

Women in the childbearing age reduce their infertility risk by quitting smoking. They also decrease the risk of premature birth, infant death, and birth defects when they quit smoking. Basically, women smokers can reap many benefits from quitting. Additionally, quitting smoking gives a woman a brighter smile and her breath and clothes stop smelling of cigarette smoke.

How to Quit Smoking

As hinted, quitting smoking is not easy and it requires professional assistance and support from loved ones. A woman that wants to quit smoking should plan ahead, talk to a medical professional, and get support throughout the journey. Some women turn to vaping as a way to quit smoking. That’s because there are vaping devices that help smokers that want to quit reduce the amount of the nicotine they inhale gradually and eventually quit smoking.

But in addition to using a vape box mod kit, a woman that wants to quit smoking during pregnancy should use other resources. For instance, Smokefree.gov offers resources for women that want to quit smoking while pregnant. These include a texting program that provides support to expectant women that want to quit smoking.

Generally, nicotine is unsafe for pregnant women regardless of its form. Therefore, medical guidance is required for women that struggle to quit smoking when pregnant. Nevertheless, if a woman is not pregnant, she can use nicotine replacement therapy. This therapy is designed in a way that enables addicts to go through the difficult part of the quitting process.

Essentially, the FDA has approved some nicotine replacement therapies that help smokers deal with the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. These therapies deliver nicotine to the body in measured amounts without supplying the toxic chemicals of cigarette smoke. Nicotine replacement therapies are effective and safe cessation methods that can double the chances of successful quitting when a smoker uses them properly.

How to Avoid Relapse

You may use a mod vape and other methods to quit smoking successfully. However, you are likely to restart smoking when faced with triggers that may have led you into smoking. That’s why you should know how to avoid relapse. Generally, most women restart smoking when faced with stressful situations. But, there are ways you can deal with stressful situations instead of lighting up a cigarette.

Here are some of them:

  • Practice breathing and relaxing techniques- When faced with a stressful situation, take a deep breath through the nose and out through the mouth. Take slow and long breaths to relax the body.
  • Take a stroll- Move away from the place where you feel stressed for a few minutes. This will enable you to get your mind away from the stressful situation for a while.
  • Talk to a loved one- You need support from loved ones to quit smoking. But, even after you quit smoking successfully, you will need their support when faced with triggers. Whether it’s your kids or work that stresses you, speaking to someone will give you healthier relief than lighting up a cigarette.

The Bottom Line

Quitting smoking has numerous benefits for women’s health. However, quitting can be a challenge because the body has been used to having regular nicotine supply. Therefore, successful quitting requires careful planning and using the right techniques. A vape mod, for instance, might help but it won’t be enough. You also need professional guidance especially when quitting during pregnancy and support from loved ones. It might also be necessary to try different or use a combination of cessation methods. Joining a smoking cessation study or program can also increase your chances of success.






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