Elton John, Rod Stewart, Phantom of the Opera and Cirque du Soleil to perform in Indonesia


More International stars of the music world will make their appearance in Indonesia next year, promising even more exuberant performances in 2012, thereby confirming this year, 2011, as the music year in Indonesia. The large number of successful international shows held over the year has attracted even more international stars to place Indonesia on their world tour itineraries.

At a press conference held at the EX Plaza in Jakarta, on Sunday, October 10, 2011, Big Daddy Productions, promoters who have successfully brought the big sounds of Linkin Park and the Big Wave Festival to the Bung Karno Sport Complex’ main stadium, pointed out that the two “awesome” shows were just the beginning of even more fascinating shows by prominent international names in time to come.

“Many artists are coming to Indonesia to stage their first ever show here, and judging by the concerts that have been successfully held, such as Linkin Park Concert and the Big Wave Festival, many great bands and musicians around the world have now contacted us telling us that they are interested to play in Indonesia,” said Gary Plant, Business Development Director of Big Daddy Production. “Beforehand, a number of the artists may have had some hesitation to come to Indonesia, But now that they have heard that it’s a good place, the fans are fantastic, and the shows are great, they now also want to come here,” Gary added.

Big names are not only what will boost Indonesia’s concerts. There will be bigger sounds and major improvements in all technical supports such as lighting, visual features, and others that will indulge all the senses of Indonesia’s audiences. Gary stated, “We have introduced the biggest most powerful sound system ever in Indonesia with more than 3 million dollars of investment, to make sure that Indonesia has a concert experience similar to the ones in the west: like in Los Angeles, Toronto, London, or any other place around the world.”

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, and the appearance by pop music legend, Elton John, will be the first to highlight the month of November. As the grand finale in Indonesia’s musical year of 2011, the month of December will see the fantastic performances by Richard Marx and the hip hop superstar, Chris Brown.

The legendary pop icon, Elton John, will make his first appearance ever in Indonesia and, considering the artist’s immense reputation, the concert will be among the most exclusive concerts ever to be held in Indonesia. Chris Brown, one of the most celebrated names in hip hop, will also stage a spectacular show taking the form of a mass party, stated Michael Rusli, President Director of Big Daddy.

Entering 2012, more great names already decorate the lineup of spectacular international stars and shows to be held in Indonesia. Simple Plan, Rod Stewart, Roxette, Phantom of the Opera, and Cirque Du Soleil are among some of the confirmed performances for next year. Making his first appearance in Indonesia, Rod Steward, a legendary name that will bring nothing but legendary performances, will raise the bar for the 2012 international concerts.

Music is not the only scene where international performances will be featured – the epic theatrical performance of Phantom of the Opera and the fascinating actions and stunts of Cirque De Soleil will also liven up the international stage in Indonesia.

Here are the details of Upcoming International Shows, including venue and date as announced by Big Daddy’s Production:

1. Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival
November 17-20, 2011, Gandaria City, Jakarta
December 1-4, 2011, Grand City Surabaya

2. Elton John
November 18, 2011, Sentul International Convention Center

3. Richard Marx
December 10, 2011, Gandaria City, Jakarta

4. Chris Brown
December 13, 2011, (Venue to be confirmed later)

5. Simple Plan
January 17, 2012, Istora senayan, Jakarta
January 18, 2012, Surabaya

6. Rod Stewart
January 13, 2012, MEIS Jakarta

7. Phantom of the Opera
February14-March 4, 2012, Bali Kartini, Jakarta

8. Roxette
Late February 2012, (To be confirmed later)

9. Il Divo & Orchestra
Early March 2012, (To be confirmed Later)

10. Cirque Du Soleil
October 15-18, 2012