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UK’s own private island goes Airbnb

UK’s own private island goes Airbnb

To those living on the Essex coast, the news that Rihanna may have found sanctuary on the stunning Osea Island came as no surprise. Only 90 minutes from central London, Osea sits in the Blackwater estuary and offers the ultimate in secluded luxury. With access reliant on tides, privacy is a given and opulence is guaranteed.

What is breaking news, however, is that all properties on the UK’s coolest private island, Osea, are now available on Airbnb. All 18 properties on Osea Island have just arrived on Airbnb, so there is great availability from now until August 2019.

Whether you want to take over the island’s 18 properties for the ultimate in summer weddings or you need some precious downtime within a short drive of London, Osea’s properties are open for business.

Osea is a haven of peace and tranquility stretching across 380 acres and protected from the outside world by water and over 4 miles of impeccably clean beaches. The island is also home to a converted WWII torpedo manufacturing plant for those who like their rentals a little more unusual.