Serena Hotel staff in Uganda claim abuse and went on strike

Serena Hotel staff in Uganda claim abuse and went on strike

The Serena Hotel in Kampala is part of an internationally recognized chain of 5-star hotels and perceived as the best Uganda has to offer.

Last week staff went on strike claiming of mistreatment, failure for management to listen to their grievances and favoritism for expatriate staff.

Managing Director Mahmoud Jan Mohamed flew in from the Serena group Headquarters trying to get control of the situation.

Last Saturday hundreds of staff staged a sit-down strike, leaving hundreds of guests unattended too. An upset Mahmoud was filmed lashing out at staff, telling the truth that they have embarrassed the hotel and its guests.

“You cannot hold me at gunpoint and say you want me to do this or that. Then we as management wouldn’t be in charge,” he said, adding that “if this is how you behave, I will close down the hotel for two weeks and start all over again.”

Last  Saturday, staff left beds unmade, and food unserved as they gathered in the parking area to protest against the mistreatment, with anger directed towards the hotel management. Police were deployed at all entrances and exits to control the staff

On top of grievances is the Kenyan General Manager, Mr. Anthony Chege who many staff accused of abusing his privileges. Chege has been GM at Kampala Serena for over eight years.

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