CNN TASK-Tourism Communication Session at UNWTO General Assembly names Seychelles as success


The CNN TASK-Tourism Communication Session at the 19th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly in GyeongJu, Korea, saw the republic of the Seychelles being cited by Anita Mendiratta as an example for successfully informing the world of its tourism achievements and news by using the world press.

The session, chaired by Ramsey Rollins Frazier, the Global Director for Partner Solutions Group for CNN, and Anita Mendiratta, the Lead Consultant of the CNN TASK Group (Tourism Advertising Solutions & Knowledge), was attended by Taleb Rifai, the UNWTO Secretary General, among other VIPs attending the Tourism Communication Session.

Discussions with questions and answers from the floor centered on communications by Member Countries facing a crisis. Media was referred to as communication and not a challenge.

Anita Mendiratta explained how Alain St.Ange from the Seychelles demonstrated the ability of constantly being in the news and increasing visibility of the islands. “This kept Seychelles in the mind of holiday makers,” Anita Mendiratta said.