Bandung International Folklore Festival 2011


This October, the cool city of Bandung in West Java, will once again become the venue of an international event as the Bandung International Folklore Festival (BIFF) 2011 gets underway.

With pre-events held in various places around Bandung from October 15-21, and the main event set to be staged at Gasibu Square on October 22, 2011, the festival is hailed as a cultural celebration that involves participants of national and international background.

Folklore consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, and customs that are the traditions of that culture, subculture, or group. It is also the set of practices through which those expressive genres are shared.

The staging of Bandung International Folklore Festival 2011 is aimed to elaborate the potentials of folklore itself as a subject that can be learned, explored, and appreciated. Thus, the festival is also projected to present folklore in its fullest form so that it will become a thematic trigger for folklore itself to be re-interpreted in new forms.

Interpreting folklore through many forms of art, BIFF 2011 will be participated by some of the prominent art and cultural performers from the country including: Saung Angklung Udjo, Kyai Fatahilah Ensemble, Harry Roesli House of Music, and Karinding Attack. From the international scene, the festival will feature a Balalaika performance from Russia, Manyanani from South Africa, Marguzanie from Poland, Anatolian Folkdance Group from Turkey, and My Dreams from China.

With the vision to accommodate cultural exchanges and communication between nations through cultural collaborations, BIFF 2011 will be a special opportunity to appreciate, embrace, and share the knowledge on the world’s cultural diversity.

For further and more detailed information about the event and partnership, please contact: Nistria Meiying, Phone: +62 817 920 8388, or