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2019 Cruise Report: Top destinations month by month

2019 Cruise Report: Top destinations month by month

A new report  ranks the most popular cruise destinations for travelers, month by month. The Caribbean remains the top place to visit year-round with the BahamasMexicoItalyAlaskaCanada, and Spain also making the list.


  • The Caribbean islands (like Grand CaymanDominican Republic, and Jamaica) are preferred destinations year-round.
  • Italy is most popular in July. Alaska is most popular in April.
  • September, October and November are preferred months to sail to Mexico.

This list ranks the top five cruise destinations travelers prefer to visit month by month:

January: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoItalyAlaska

February: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoAlaskaItaly

March: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoAlaskaItaly

April: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoAlaskaItaly

May: CaribbeanBahamasAlaskaItalyMexico

June: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoItalyCanada

July: CaribbeanBahamasItalyMexicoCanada

August: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoItalyCanada

September: CaribbeanMexicoBahamasItalySpain

October: CaribbeanMexicoBahamasItalySpain

November: CaribbeanMexicoBahamasItalySpain

December: CaribbeanBahamasMexicoItalySpain