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How to buy a Turkish Passport? Citizenship tourism trends with a Chinese twist

How to buy a Turkish Passport? Citizenship tourism trends with a Chinese twist

Buying Turkish Citizenship is the latest trend in citizen tourism specifically for Chinese. Citizenship tourism has become big business in countries around the world. Several Caribbean nations, even EU members Malta and Portugal are competing in this lucrative business to make Chinese one of their own.

The price tag to be issued a Turkish Passport is US$250,000, and specifically Chinese tourists and investors love it. Those interested in a Turkish Half Moon Passport can just buy a home or land for this money. The opportunity of Turkish citizenship is offered to the spouses and children under the age of 18 of foreigners who purchase a total of US$250,000 of real estate. It’s not required to declare your assets in other countries and to live for a certain amount of time in Turkey.

2018 has been declared as “Turkey Tourism Year” in China. And a Chinese pop song with lyrics referring to “Romantic Turkey” has almost doubled the number of tourists from China in 2018.

According to TurkStat data, the number of Chinese who visited Turkey has reached 400,000, increasing by 70% in 2018. The song, which has been tremendously popular on Chinese social media since its launch, titled “Dai ni qu luxing” (I will take you to travel) includes a line saying “I want to take you to romantic Turkey.”

The visa-free travel to Turkey also had an important impact on this increase.

While tourism is increasing, trade volume is also growing between China and Turkey, exceeding US$23 billion. Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, bought Trendyol, Turkey’s largest e-commerce platform.