Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2011


Ubud, an enchanting town in tropical Bali‘s undulating hills, will come alive with the elan of the global literary elite as the Ubud Writers & Ubud Readers Festival readies to be held from October 5-9, 2011. Carrying the theme “Nanduring karang awak: Cultivate the land within” — a line from the epic poem Gaguritan Salampahan Laku by Ida Pedanda Made Sideman – attendees will be encouraged to explore the great global common perceptions of mind and heart in just the perfect spot to do this with the stunning views on Mount Agung.

Now in the top six of such festivals, according to Harper’s Bazaar, Ubud attracts an impressive array of writers from around the globe and draws devoted pilgrims in ever-greater numbers. Among some of the prominent names who will be coming to Ubud this year are: the Booker Prize-winner Ann Enright (“The Gathering”; 2007); self-styled “faction” writer Tash Aw; the Malaysian author of “Harmony Silk Factory” (2006) and “Map of the Invisible World” (2010); as well as Christos Tsiolkas, the controversial Greek-Australian author of “The Slap” (2009), who defended his use of vulgarity, arguing that critics are guilty of class bias and that he doesn’t just write for the privileged. In total, the 2011 festival guest list features more than 80 writers from all corners of the globe, converging in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, for 5 days of celebration and inspiration.

Participants will engage in panel sessions, workshops, readings, literary lunches, performances, book launches, exhibitions, children events, Festival Club, and much more, temptingly located in Ubud’s legendary hotels and charming cafes, restaurants, and temples. The festival will also be an opportunity to join in conversation with celebrated writers such as US novelist Alice Sebold; Australian musician, songwriter ,and wordsmith Paul Kelly; or Booker Prize winner DBC Pierre (IRE/UK); as well as to dine in sumptuous splendor, pencil in a workshop, explore writing fiction, editing in paradise, travel writing, brave a poetry slam, or wax lyrical with festival authors after dark at the Festival Club.

Discover writers from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Denmark, Italy, France, Palestine, Hong Kong, Columbia, Japan, Samoa, Germany, Malta, Cuba, the United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Africa, Tunisia, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Simply the best literary and cultural experience of 2011, Janet de Neefe – the Festival Founder and Director – assures, “This is a diverse program that promises something for everyone, and will stimulate all the senses.”

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