Monaco’s tourism chief courts Saudi tourists


JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Michel Bouquier, President of Monaco’s Tourism and Convention Authority, has said his country gives Saudi Arabia special importance when it comes to tourism.

Bouquier, who arrives in Riyadh on a three-day visit, his first to the Kingdom, said the visit is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the Kingdom and Monaco in the tourism sector.

During the visit, he will meet with a number of senior officials at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to underscore how important Saudi Arabia is to Monaco, and in addition to discover new opportunities for cooperation in the business sector.

“The main goal of the visit is to develop a strategy to enhance the visits of Saudi tourists to Monaco,” Bouqier said.

He said the relationship between the two countries was outstanding.
He will hold a press conference at the Marriott in Riyadh Monday to reveal more details about the tourism strategy between the Kingdom and Monaco.