WestJet and Emirates launch interline agreement


Emirates and WestJet announced the launch of an interline agreement that offers passengers expanded global air travel, via two internationally admired airlines – with one easy itinerary.

The new arrangement makes global travel more accessible for outbound passengers who can now connect to the Emirates network via WestJet, traveling to Dubai and beyond to any of the 114 destinations that Emirates flies. The partnership will also help to boost tourism, business and investment from the United Arab Emirates and countries throughout the airline’s global network to the numerous Canadian cities served by WestJet.

“Emirates’ partnership with WestJet will allow travelers to explore our vast network of diverse and remarkable destinations with added ease and seamless connections on Canada’s most celebrated airline,” said Don McWilliam , Manager Canada, Emirates airline.

“WestJet has consistently been recognized for its first-rate service and modern fleet, which aligns perfectly with Emirates’ offering of unparalleled in-flight experience and luxury,” he added.

Emirates flies three times weekly from Toronto to Dubai and on to more than 100 destinations around the world. The new partnership allows travelers to book flights with connecting service on WestJet to more than 20 cities across Canada where WestJet flies.

In Toronto, Emirates departs from Terminal 1 and WestJet operates from Terminal 3. Passengers can connect quickly and easily through a two-minute airport train transfer system that runs regularly between the two terminals.

When ticketing an Emirates through fare, travelers will receive boarding passes at their first point of check-in and can through-check two bags to their final Emirates destination free of charge.

Emirates offers commission to all BSP authorized Emirates travel agents in Canada which represents a four per cent commission on all published fare tickets plated on Emirates.