World Tourism Day celebrations in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) – World Tourism Day celebrations are in high gear in Pakistan and tourism-related organizations are holding events around the country while mega events are being held at 105-year-old Flashman’s Hotel in Rawalpindi that is an icon for tourism industry of Pakistan. This hotel has a long history of development of tourism for the country, including historic meetings, the formation of the ministry of tourism, and disbanding the ministry of tourism and forming the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

Almost all important national organizations of tourism, including the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP), Pakistan Association of Tour Operators (PATO), Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP), The Region Initiative (TRI), and Tourism for Life Kashmir are attending this event. This event is being held and hosted by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the national tourism organization of Pakistan.

This year’s theme of World Tourism Day is linking together the cultures of the world through travel. Celebrating the event, ESP launched its new portal to connect different continents, cultures, countries, and ideas of ecotourism at one page. This page links all world ecotourism organizations ( ).

With millions of people traveling the world each year, never before have so many people been to so many places, nor been so exposed to other cultures. This interaction between individuals and communities, and their diverse cultures, leads to tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding – the building blocks for a more peaceful world.