I’m okay, I’m okay!

Instantly tell everyone you've arrived okay via your cell phone with ArrivedOK, the personal flight arrival tracker.

I’m okay, I’m okay!

Instantly tell everyone you’ve arrived okay via your cell phone with ArrivedOK, the personal flight arrival tracker. ArrivedOK tracks air travelers’ cell phones in a mobile network, so when you turn on your phone after landing, it automaticallys sends tailored “Arrived OK” messages to your designated recipients via SMS, email, and social media.

The automated flight plan systems do not provide accurate reporting about flight arrivals all the time, which was demonstrated on November 19, 2009 when the glitch in the US air traffic control network caused flight delays across the nation. Unlike other tracking services that use centralized flight status data, ArrivedOK tracks one’s actual appearance in the destination airport using individual mobile phone status.

“Even as a paid service, ArrivedOK SMS alerts allow the subscribers bypassing the heavy international roaming charges,” said Andrey Deriabin, director of business development at arrivedOK.mobi, Inc. “However, we’d like to make it completely free for the end users. So we are working on B2B partnerships that would allow subsidizing the mobile traffic generated by our subscribers. During the public beta phase, we received very promising responses from air companies, which look for new opportunities in a time of economic hardship. While discount airlines primarily see ArrivedOK as a source of ancillary revenue, “majors” also consider it as a customer loyalty tool, willing to subsidize the service to their frequent flyers.”

ArrivedOK also provides a monetization opportunity to travel websites and startups. “There are a lot of travel-related social networking projects seeking monetization,” said Andrey Deriabin. “ArrivedOK perfectly matches their audience. We’re currently doing test integration with selected sites and will make ArrivedOK API publicly available until the end of the year via http://partners.arrivedok.mobi .

ArrivedOK has been selected as a Webby Awards 2009 Official Honoree in two categories: “Best Use of GPS or Location Technology” and “Experimental & Innovation.” The service is currently available worldwide except for the subscribers of the US and Chinese mobile networks.


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