Iceland to host aviation leaders forum on airports and airlines winter operation


Top airports and airlines executives, regulators and scientists will meet in Iceland on 10 October 2011 and develop the first winter operation procedures standard.

The Keilir Aviation Academy has decided to build on the last year’s success regarding our conference on “Eyjafjallajokull and Aviation” and serve again as a venue for a global dialogue on how airports and airlines can
successfully maintain winter operations. Keilir therefore organize the First Aviation Leaders Forum on Airports and Airlines Winter Operations on 10 October 2011 in Andrews Theater, Keflavik Airport, Iceland
in cooperation with AirTransportNews, ACI, AEA, SITA, Icelandair, Kadeco and the Ministry of Interior and Transport in Iceland. HE Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of Iceland is the Patron of the Aviation Forum.
During the winter of 2010-11 the European snowstorms caught the entire aviation industry by surprise. Airports in other regions of the world are equally confronted with weather challenges and this forum will bring all parties together to discuss solutions for the future.

• What has been learned?

• What are the effects of winter snowfalls on airports and airplanes and can they been reduced?

• Technology for snow removal of runways, aircraft de-icing, etc.

• Weather monitoring, reporting and forecasting systems and models.

• What steps are to be taken by airports and ground transport authorities to minimize the threats that winter snow falls and storms poses to aviation?

• What steps can be taken by airlines to minimize the threats to their schedules and how can they improve the lines of communications with their airport partners?

• Training of airport operators, etc.

The Airport and Airlines Winter Operation Forum will allow discussions on the lessons learned from the airports and airlines winter operations in Europe in 2009 and 2010 and how technology, rules, regulations, airports equipment, weather forecasts and personal training must be improved before the next winter snowfalls and storms in Europe.

Invited speakers come from civil aviation authorities in Europe, Russia and the US, the European Commission, ECAC, EASA, SITA, AEA, ACI, ICAO, IATA, EUROCONTROL, airlines, airports and air navigation service providers, meteorological offices, as well as personnel from
research organizations directly involved in supporting the aviation business and international and regional organizations. Top scientists will address the issues of snowfalls and snow distribution.

Discover how the aviation, airports and science communities can work together to increase safety and efficiency in dealing with future winter snowfalls and storms.

“I am looking forward to this new and unique forum in Iceland. Safety is our enduring number one priority for airports world-wide and this event will focus our attention specifically to winter conditions. I encourage your attendance at this high level meeting,” says Angela Gittens ACI World Director General.

“Iceland is again bringing aviation stakeholders together. The reason is the need to improve winter operations. The failures last December are still vivid in the minds of millions of people. To be stopped at the airport when you are already in Christmas mood is not a formula for enjoyment! It will be a pleasure to welcome you all,” says HE Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of Iceland and Patron of the Aviation Forum.