Earthquake update from Tourism Council of Bhutan


THIMPHU, Bhutan – A powerful earthquake hit Sikkim on September 18, 2011 and fairly powerful tremors were also experienced in Bhutan at around 1840 hours. No tourists in Bhutan at the time of the earthquake were harmed.

The earthquake caused damages to some monasteries, houses, and triggered minor roadblocks in some parts of Bhutan. However, the response to the disaster has been fast and roads were cleared for normal traffic. The Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs has assured that the situation is under control and there is no need to panic.

The Tourism Council of Bhutan would like to request all tour operators and other tourism stakeholders to properly assess the situation and accordingly pass on the correct information to their counterparts and clients abroad. The Council would also like to urge all tour operators to contact the Department of Disaster Management should more information be required. The Department can be contacted at +975 2 334944.

The Tourism Council would like to assert that Bhutan continues to be a safe destination with the promise of a memorable experience.

Should anyone have any concerns, please visit: .