Low-fare airline IndiGo to increase number of flights to Singapore


Low-fare airline, IndiGo recently announced that it would increase flights to Singapore as the current overall limit, permitted by the air services agreement between the two countries, remains underutilised. As of now, the Indian side does not even utilise 50 per cent of the flights allowed under the agreement, which leaves scope for increasing flights, Aditya Ghosh, President, IndiGo, said. “But, we hope, this will now change and as we increase flights,” said Ghosh, who launched IndiGo’s first low fare service on September 15 to Singapore.

Ghosh sees a further increase in passenger traffic between the two countries, and has planned a number of holiday packages both ways as IndiGo increases flights to Singapore from “one per day to at least two and preferably three per day” in the next 300 days, according to a PTI report.