Organizing the rape of children: A lucrative tourism business for former Israeli soldier

Tourists travel to Colombia often loo0king for drugs and to rape children. This is a  very dark side of tourism.
Sexual exploitation and trafficking of children is widespread in many parts of the world, including Colombia.
A former Israeli soldier wanted by Colombia for sex trafficking, including of minors, has been arrested in Portugal according to Spanish police, which took part in the operation.

After following him in Ibiza and Barcelone, police arrested Assi Moosh, 45, near Lisbon on Wednesday while in possession of fake Israeli identity documents, Spain’s Guardia Civil police force said in a statement.

He is accused to have operated a  “bunker-like” hotel in Taganga, a Colombian fishing village that has become popular with backpackers and tourists. At the hotel  young women and underage girls were sexually exploited.

Colombian authorities deported Moosh – whom local media called “the Devil of Taganga” – in 2017 because he was deemed to be a threat to public order.

After deporting him, Colombia issued an international arrest warrant for Moosh via Interpol for drug trafficking, money laundering and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

In December Colombian police announced an operation against the sexual exploitation ring Moosh is suspected of setting up. Three Israelis and two Colombians were detained in the sting.

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