First Winter Operation Forum for airports and airlines to be held


Keilir Aviation Academy announced “The First Winter Operation Forum” presented in partnership with AirTransportNews, ACI, AEA, SITA, Icelandair, and the Ministry of Transport in Iceland. The President of Iceland, HE Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, will be the Patron of the Forum.

During the winter 2010-11, a number of major airports in Europe have been taken by surprise and reacted slowly or lacked the equipment needed to cope with the weather conditions like last winter. Other airports in Europe, Canada, the US, Russia, etc., equally affected by the weather, performed excellently, showing that adverse weather need not necessarily to disrupt operations. The Airport and Airlines Winter Operation Forum will allow discussion on the lessons learned from the airports and airlines winter operations in Europe in 2009 and 2010 and how technology, rules, regulations, airports equipment, weather forecasts, and personal training must be improved before the next winter snowfalls and storms in Europe.

Invited speakers come from civil aviation authorities in Europe, Russia, and the US, the European Commission, EUROCONTROL, EASA, FAA, AEA, ACI, ICAO, IATA, airlines, airports and air navigation service providers, meteorological offices, as well as personnel from research organizations directly involved in supporting the aviation business and international and regional organizations. Top scientists will address the issues of snowfalls and snow distribution.

Air Transport News has been chosen to coordinate this extraordinary multi-diciplinary meeting, which will assemble aviation, airports, and airlines leaders, experts, and policy-makers from all over the world in Iceland on October 10, 2011 to build the basis of what would become the Winter Operation Standard.

Air Transport News with the support of ACI, AEA, SITA, and Icelandair kindly invite those interested to join these experts in order to voice ideas, as well as contribute to this great project. Discover how the aviation, airports, and science communities can work together to increase safety and efficiency in dealing with future winter snowfalls and storms.

Please click here for more information, such as the topics covered, the agenda of the day, the list of speakers involved in this meeting, as well as the registration form and recommended hotel.

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