Seychelles commends commitment of East Africa on peace work


The Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs has today commended the commitment of the Eastern Africa Standby Force Coordination Mechanism (EASFCOM) countries for working towards peace and stability in the region as the only means by which to facilitate true development.

Speaking as the guest of honor at the opening of the 11th Ordinary Session of the Eastern African Committee of Defense and Security, on the fourth day of the EASFCOM conference taking place at Le Meridien Barbarons this week, the Minister said, “We should never ignore the fact that without peace and security, there is no development.”

“Our sub-region and the African continent should remain focused on the bigger objectives of peace and security while paying attention to the strategic and corrective measures required to pre-empt factors that undermine this vision and agenda,” added the Minister.

The Seychelles Minister also applauded the work and growth of EASFCOM to collectively work together, fostering strong ties of friendship and collaboration in order to achieve peace and unity for the region, stating,
“Today’s meeting is important to the region as it is a demonstration of the unshakeable commitment of each and every Member State in the regional institutions of peace and security.”

During his opening address, Minister Adam also called on the organization to work towards helping the continent find its own solutions to addressing some of the more pressing problems, including facilitating peace and stability in Somalia. However, he added that they needed to continue to encourage the developed world to recognize severe threats being faced by Africa as a result of climate change. He said:

“We follow with concern the humanitarian situation throughout the Horn of Africa. It is clear that the specter of climate change will always exact a heavier toll on those most vulnerable. As members of the developing world, we must continue to work together to strengthen our defenses against the increased threat of climate change. We should set no illusions for ourselves – climate change is one of the foremost security challenges of our generation, and we must continue to urge the developed world to recognize the burden it places on all our nations.

“Climate change locks in the cycle of poverty. Climate change breeds conflict and disaster. We must strengthen our environmental defenses.“

This committee meeting is being held in advance of the ministerial meeting taking place on Saturday, September 17, where Defense Ministers of the Member States will convene to address the pressing issues of the region.