KATHMANDU – Tourism entrepreneurs in Nepali western Pokhara have urged tourists not to go on trekking alone, following a series of robberies on different trekking routes.

According to tourism entrepreneurs, about half a dozen of robbery cases have been reported on different trekking routes around Pokhara.

Local media myrepulica.com reported on Tuesday that tourism entrepreneurs had organized a meeting with security officials that requested all tourists to trek in company to avoid any untoward incidents.

“Mostly, those tourists have been robbed who trekked alone. Most of them had gone on trekking without even informing the Tourism Information Center (TIC)” myrepulica.com cited Basant RajDawadi, Pokhara chapter president of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) as saying.

In some cases, tourists have been robbed of their belongings by those who accompany them in disguise of guides, myrepulica.com said.

“Tourists should be aware of even their guides while trekking lonely,” Dawadi said.

Even those guides who work on short trekking routes have reportedly robbed their tourists. “Tourists may fall prey to any one while walking with no friend,” he said. “In cases tourists have no company; then they should keep informing security posts located in Annapurna Conservation Area.”