World Batik Summit 2011: Indonesia “Global Home of Batik”


In the spirit of bringing the world to the art of batik, the World Batik Summit (WBS) 2011 will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) from September 28 to October 2, 2011. Carrying the theme “Global Home of Batik,” the summit will confirm Indonesia’s international position as the true origin of Batik within the world community.

The World Batik Summit 2011 in Jakarta is expected to raise batik enthusiasm internationally and support batik stakeholders and batik lovers worldwide. The WBS event is expected to be participated by 1,000 delegates both from within Indonesia and abroad. Delegates will come from various backgrounds including practitioners, academia, marketing, and fashion critics.

Highlight of the event will be the international conference, which will feature President of Indonesia, Dr. H.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as keynote speaker. Other prominent names in the speakers list are: Mahendra Siregar, Ukus Kuswara, Carmanita, and Edward Hutabarat. The program will include the plenary session and site visit workshops in different representative locations around the city, such as at the Jakarta Textile Museum and the Parang Kencana Workshop.

The summit will also feature Gallery of Honor photo exhibitions, Batik Buyers and Sellers meetings, Gelar Batik Nusantara Exhibition, Gala Dinner, and Fashion Show. Held simultaneously with the Opening Night Gala Dinner, the fashion show will invite top Indonesian and international fashion houses whose works feature Batik such as Deanoor (Malaysia); Kouru (Japan); Saksit (Thailand); Tarum (India); Ika Butoni (Hong Kong); Lu Kun (Shanghai/China); and Indonesian designers Ramli, Sebastian Gunawan, Anne Avantie, Carmanita, Bi Batik, Chossy Latu, and Parang Kencana.

The Gala Dinner will also present cultural performances including: an Angklung orchestra, Cirebon Masks Dance, Bedoyo Dance, Jaipong Dance, Dian HP Music Orchestra, “I Love Batik” Children performance, and Maylaffayza violin performance.

Symbolizing the grace and elegance of Indonesian culture, Batik is an inseparable element of Indonesia. From the time of ancient kingdoms to the present global age, Batik has retained its original splendor and radiates its appeal to many parts of the world.

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