Travelers from Singapore to London will have to pay as much as 100 pounds (S$229) more per round trip compared to someone flying a shorter distance if Britain increases its departure tax next year as planned.

The charge, which currently ranges from 11 pounds to 110 pounds, is set based on class of travel and distance flown, with premium long-haul passengers paying the highest.

Such a system is ‘clearly unfair and discriminatory’ against long-haul travellers, said Singapore Airlines’ chief executive officer Chew Choon Seng at the annual meeting of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA), held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore on Friday.

Urging the 17 member carriers to unite against such injustice, he said: ‘We should not acquiesce meekly…Let us support the AAPA in shouting loudly, if not impolitely, against rule-making that discriminates.’

The British tax is touted as a green initiative, designed to reduce the aviation industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by deterring travel.

Several other countries, including Australia, are considering introducing similar charges.