Colombia explores Hawaii as a new travel destination


HONOLULU, Hawaii – The Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) today appointed Jorge Gonzales Carling and Juliana Osorio Valencia as their new and first tourism ambassadors from Colombia. Both manage World Tours in Bogoto and recently began selling an exclusive Hawaii travel program. A few weeks ago, the first ambassador from Singapore was appointed.

Juliana Osorio Valencia said: “We’re excited to be appointed as the Tourism Ambassadors from Colombia. There is a large community of Colombians that constantly travel overseas. Hawaii has a special name, and World Tours can help to get more awareness out to the traveling community to consider Hawaii as a travel destination. We’re pleased to have put together some dedicated and special sample packages to the islands. We’re looking forward to spreading the ‘Aloha Spirit’ in Colombia.”

HiTA President Juergen Thomas Steinmetz said: “We’re proud to appoint our second global ambassador in Colombia. Colombia is a niche market for Hawaii with great potential. Jorge and Juliana have been dedicated and have worked tirelessly to develop their exclusive Hawaii tour program. We will be working to introduce them to the best Hawaii has to offer and be a bridge between Hawaii inbound operators, hotels, attraction companies, and transportation companies to make sure all visitors from Colombia experience an ‘Aloha Spirit’ welcome.”

HiTA would like to invite those in the travel and tourism industry to be a part of its ambassador program. For further information, email or call 808-566-9900.


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