MGallery hotel debuts in the historic capital of Kyoto

MGallery hotel debuts in the historic capital of Kyoto

MGallery Kyoto Yura Hotel will make its debut in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto today.

The hotel pays homage to the traditions of Kyoto through art and heritage, providing a unique experience inspired by the essence of the local neighborhood.

Located within walking distance of the hotel are scenic Kyoto spots that include the famed geisha district of Gion, Yasaka Shinto Shrine, and downtown district of Kawaramachi.

At the heart of Kyoto lies Gion, the city’s most popular entertainment district and the center of its traditional arts. The streets of Gion are characterized by old wooden townhouses (machiya) featuring teahouses (ochaya), shops and local restaurants. The buildings give the district a beautiful old world charm. Apart from temples and shrines, Gion and the geisha culture play a big part in Kyoto’s history while the surrounding vibrant downtown area is also home to some of the best shopping districts in the city.

MGallery Kyoto Yura Hotel will be the first of its kind in Japan, joining the collection of 101-storied boutique hotels around the world in addition to 48 others under development. MGallery will expand its collection with new hotels in the coming months including MGallery Cannes and Hong Kong to name a few.


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