As comfortable as at home – more living space for long-term travelers


No doubt: hotels are a great thing. For the ones looking for a place to stay, almost every region offers a wide varity of rooms for rent. No matter what time of the year it is, no matter what the personal preferences are on the furnishing and price. Thanks to the mobile Internet, one can get a quick overview of all available offers – even when booking last minute. A good night’s rest with coffee and breakfast in the morning, what more does one need?

However, the many travelers who (have to) live out of a suitcase, know just how exhausting a long-term stay in a hotel can become: instead of cooking a little dinner at night in your own kitchen, the only choice is to go to a restaurant. Those who enjoy a cozy evening on a comfortable sofa at home will be standing baffled in front of their hotel bed. And many that would sometimes leave a few things lying around at home, hectically clean up before the actual cleaning service comes. To put it short: many business travelers are stressed by living in a hotel and feel the well-known hotel fatigue.

For business travelers that want to feel a bit more “at home” even while being on the road, serviced apartments become more and more interesting. As often, the trend first developed in the USA in the 1960s. From there it spread to other regions. Also in Europe and there especially in Germany, the niche segment experienced a further boom in the past years. Currently, many individually-run houses have evolved in economic metropolises. Additionally, an array of national, as well as international, chains have increased their activity in the market.

It´s the traveler´s benefit: managers and consultants especially emphasize the higher standard of living that can be experienced in a serviced apartment. For many of them, it is their first time in a serviced apartment, and they discover that they feel just as comfortable while traveling as they do at home. Presumably, after three days at the latest, the seemingly ever-identical breakfast buffet offers too much to eat anyway. In the comfort of their own private kitchen, the traveler can prepare a small breakfast with things he really likes. Or he can cook at night.

In contrast to the conventional hotel room, a serviced apartment especially differs due to the more space it offers. The furnishings particularly suit the needs of long-term guests. Cooking facilities and a fridge, tableware and cooking utensils belong to a comfortable living. Depending on the standard, amenities such as a separate working area, W-Lan, iron and ironboard, DVD player, and hi-fi system, as well as parking next to the building are included. In such a well-equipped apartment, not only the guest himself feels cozy. He can also easily invite family and friends or organize a reunion with business partners.

At first glance, when compared to a business hotel, the services offered are noticably reduced. Still, many houses offer services such as shopping or laundry service or a daily cleaning. They can be asked for and only cost a little extra. Of course, the reduced services will also be seen in the price: the price level of serviced apartments is below comparable hotels. Savings of up to 30 percent are often possible! This is a heavy argument for serviced apartments and should certainly be heard in the controlling department of companies, right?