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AFRAA Secretary General talks about aviation

AFRAA Secretary General talks about aviation

It is true that our industry is full of untapped potential for growth as many industry studies attest. All the challenges that hinder our success at this point demand a collaborative and concerted effort if we are to realize our common goal of highly profitable and sustainable aviation businesses.

We see tremendous value and importance in embracing strategic collaborations among African carriers and stakeholders as a sure way to address shared challenges by finding common solutions to boost revenues and competitiveness. Indeed, robust industry partnerships will allow us to be more effective on a strategic and practical level.

One of the key priorities of the African Airlines Association is to encourage more collaborations and partnerships among its members. We have established a Route Network Coordination Committee to support commercial agreements between our members. Many have already signed interlines and code share agreements. There are also other forms of collaboration and resource sharing among airlines which AFRAA is addressing such as using training centers and experienced trainers on the continent, maintenance and pooling of resources in the new Action Plan for the Association. We shall continue championing, encouraging mutually beneficial collaboration and provide guidance as well as technical support for the long-term success of our African aviation industry.