Unbelievable hotel deals for Korean Harvest Festival


SINGAPORE – Agoda.com, Asia’s global hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), today announced special deals for Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Festival.

Described as Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok is one of the country’s biggest holidays. Falling this year on September 12, Chuseok sees a mass exodus from the big cities as people go back to their hometowns for the long weekend to spend time with family.

One of the main events of Chuseok is charye – a memorial rite where Koreans pay respect to their ancestors. For charye, food offerings are made to ancestral spirits, inviting them to partake of the year’s harvest. Korean national dress – the hanbok – is often worn, and incense is burnt to hasten the family’s offerings to the spirit world.

As a part of charye, special Chuseok foods are presented to the ancestral shrine, dish by dish. One common Chuseok dish is songpyeon, a steamed crescent-shaped rice cake. Japchae – stir-fried sweet potato noodles, and bulgogi – marinated barbecue beef, are also served, along with rice, fruits, and fish. During the ceremony, family members bow to the shrine in respect and thanks.

Chusoek presents a great opportunity for international travel to Korea. As Korean nationals head to the provinces, major city attractions are less crowded, and larger cities offer a more relaxed urban experience. Seoul and Busan host public events in celebration of the holiday, including traditional games such as tug-o-war, plus folk dancing, tightrope-walking, and other cultural displays.

Agoda.com has a selection of special hotel deals in Seoul and Busan especially for Chuseok week. Chuseok national holidays are from September 11-13 – so book one of the following deals right now!


Grand Ambassador Seoul 5* – pay 2 nights, stay 3 nights
Rates from US$135 per night. Valid from September 7-13.

Ramada Hotel Seoul Dongdaemun 4* – save 40%
Rates from US$92 per night. Valid from September 7-17.

Ritz Carlton Seoul 5* – save 20%
Rates from US$205 per night. Valid from September 7-13.

Lotte World 5* – save 20%
Rates from US$168 per night. Discount on deluxe room only. Valid from September 7-13.

CATS Hotel – save 20%
Rates from US$75 per night. Stay from September 7-17.


Sunset Hotel 3* – pay 3 nights, stay 4 nights
Rates from US$69 per night. Valid from September 7-17.

Haeundae Grand Hotel 5* – save 20%
Rates from US$114 per night. Valid from September 7-13.

Haeundae Centum 4* – pay 2 nights, stay 3 nights
Rates from USD$102 per night. Valid from September 7-13.

Goodstay Queens Motel 2* – save 20%
Rates from US$37 per night. Valid from September 7-13.

Dongbang Tourist Hotel 2.5* – save 20%
Rates from US$34 per night. Valid from September 7-17.