African explorer receives newly-designed Seychelles map


Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, accompanied by his Deputy, Elsia Grandcourt, and Glynn Burridge, Tourism Consultant at the Tourism Board, has presented visiting African explorer, Kingsley Holgate, with the first copy of the new Seychelles map, recently commissioned by the Tourism Board from local graphics designer Erwin Burian.

Mr. Holgate is in Seychelles with his traveling companions, wife Gill and son Ross, on the last leg of a mammoth tour of Africa that has taken over 30 years to complete and which has led them to every country on the continent and into more than a few hair-raising situations. The Holgates, who nearly always travel as a family on their numerous expeditions, plan to end their current tour of Africa in Seychelles, where they will write the final chapter of their travelogue, “Mamma Africa,” entitled, “Seychelles: saving the best til’ last.”

“It is fitting that Mr. Holgate, as an iconic African explorer, should receive our new map, which he wishes to include in his forthcoming book, ‘Mamma Africa,’” commented Alain St.Ange, “This new map of the Seychelles Archipelago has been designed to fill an important information gap about Seychelles as many people still do not seem to know exactly where on the world map the islands are located and what they represent as a tourism destination.”

The new Seychelles map also fulfils the important function of situating the Seychelles at the center of the world map, where it once existed during the time of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwanaland more than 150 million years ago. “Today, we have re-discovered our true position on the world map, which effectively traces our transition ‘from the heart of Gondwanaland to the center of the world,’” said St.Ange.