Turkey is a favorite for holidaymaking Brits


According to the latest report, Turkey is one of the most popular destination for British travellers. Resorts like Bodrum and Marmaris offer an excellent experience and many Brits visit them year after year.

Tourist arrivals in Turkey have seen a significant uptake of late, and On the Beach is reporting a surge in sales to the country. Information from Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism shows that over 3.78 million foreigners arrived in June of this year, while over 28 million visited in 2010.

Visitors to Turkey tend to congregate at the country’s lovely seaside resorts, with holidays to Bodrum proving particularly attractive. Cultural attractions are also very popular and many Brits choose to take day trips to enchanting cultural spots during their time in Turkey.

Alistair Daly, Marketing Director of online travel agency On the Beach, comments: “Turkey is certainly one of our most visited destinations and it looks like it will become ever more popular in the future. Indeed, more and more people are logging on to find great budget holidays in Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya.”

Daly attributes the country’s popularity to its great beaches and lovely culture. He says: “Turkey has a collection of fantastic resorts with amazing beaches, lovely food and comfortable hotels. Yet it also has fascinating cultural attractions like the Bodrum Amphitheatre which allow our customers to learn more about this truly unique country while on a relaxing seaside trip.”