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FT again lists Travellanda in Europe’s Top 1,000

FT again lists Travellanda in Europe’s Top 1,000

Travellanda, the award-winning and fastest-growing wholesale travel company in the UK, has again been named in the Financial Times list of Europe’s top 1,000 fastest growing companies. Over the past three years, it has added £23m to its turnover, lifting it from £19m in 2014 to £62m in 2017, which equates to a compound annual growth rate of 48.4% or 227% over three years.

This performance places Travellanda at no.771 in the list. However, when one recognizes that only three other UK companies in the Travel and Leisure sector had made the FT top 1,000 list last year as well as this year and that Travellanda is the 30thhighest company in the whole list for absolute revenue growth, the achievement is truly remarkable.

The list identifies the European companies which had the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2014 and 2017. This year, the boundary to reaching the list was 37.7%, compared to 34.6% a year ago. This means that a company making sales of £10m in 2014 would have to be making sales of more than £26.1m in 2017 to qualify.

Bruno Laranjeiro, Director of Travellanda said: “Maintaining a high growth rate when one is a young company is a real mark of success but managing to maintain a high growth rate as one grows is truly exceptional. I am incredibly proud of our team and hugely grateful to every single member of staff for their tremendous efforts and dedication.”