Airbnb slammed for anti-Semitism in Florida ad campaign

Airbnb slammed for anti-Semitism in Florida ad campaign

The Committee for Israel, a national pro-Israel organization, launched an ad campaign today condemning Airbnb for its recent anti-Semitic decision to forbid Jewish, but not Arab, listings in the West Bank. The campaign encourages the Florida legislature to support the punitive measures Gov. DeSantis has announced against the company.

“Airbnb is trying to cover up its pathetic capitulation to the anti-Semitic boycott movement by citing principles about refusing listings in disputed territories. But Airbnb’s boycott doesn’t apply equally – it applies only to Jews,” said Committee for Israel executive director Noah Pollak. “There should be consequences for discriminatory business practices. Governor DeSantis recognizes this and we believe the Florida Legislature will, too.”

Other Florida lawmakers have joined Governor DeSantis in condemning Airbnb’s policies. “It is shameful that Airbnb capitulated to the anti-Israel [BDS] movement that’s engaged in discriminatory economic warfare against the Jewish state,” said Senator Marco Rubio.

State Representative Randy Fine said, “Airbnb has chosen to boycott Jewish listings in a portion of Israel and, under Florida law, companies that adopt boycotts of Israel get boycotted by the State of Florida.”

The Committee’s ad is running on cable outlets in Florida and on social media platforms throughout the state.

The ad calls on Florida’s legislators to hold Airbnb accountable by enforcing the state’s anti-boycott law. “Airbnb caved to anti-Israel extremists and banned Jewish listings in the West Bank,” the ad states. “It’s time for Florida to hold Airbnb accountable.”

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