Foreign tourists jailed for driving over Chile’s famous Atacama Giant


Three foreign tourists who traveled by car over the famous Atacama Giant were found guilty of causing irreparable damage to the national monument of Chile.

Atacama Giant is a giant hieroglyph in the form of a schematic image of a person in Atacama desert. It is considered one of the largest and oldest in the world – its length exceeds 85 meters, and its age is estimated at nine thousand years. You can see it entirely only from the air.

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Chilean authorities said that a Belgian citizen and two tourists with Belgian and Chilean citizenships traveled around the giant by car. As a result of the trip, there were traces left on it, and the Chilean authorities stated that the damage sustained by the giant is irreversible. All detainees were sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of six million pesos (over $9,000). A Belgian citizen will be deported after paying a fine.