SMEI Honolulu Chapter announces 2011–2012 Board of Directors


HONOLULU, Hawaii – Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), Honolulu Chapter has recently elected the 2011–2012 Board of Directors. The newly-appointed board, led by Lee Collins, President, is committed to continuing the ongoing growth of SMEI in Honolulu and creating innovative ways to remain relevant and engaging to its members.

The new 2011-2012 SMEI board members are:

Lee Collins – President
Jaydence Goya – Vice President
Jean Miura – Secretary
Malia Lageman – Treasurer
Joe Bock – Director
Tim Deegan – Director
Lihn DePledge – Director
Jason Kama – Director
Jim Myers – Director
Clint Schroeder (IPP) – Director
Elizabeth Stevenson – Director
Michael Troy – Director
Mike Wiley – Director
David Hayter – Associate Director
Naomi Kanna – Associate Director
Donna Smith – Associate Director
Keali’i Kane – Associate Director
David Livingston – Associate Director
Janet Scheffer – Associate Director

Since its inception in 1948, SMEI, Honolulu Chapter, has been hosting learning, and networking opportunities for sales and marketing executives. To learn more, go to . SMEI is the only worldwide sales and marketing professional association for marketers at managerial levels or above.