Syria encourages domestic tourism


The Syrian Ministry of Tourism has adopted a package of measures to encourage the domestic tourism. The ministry announced integrated tourist programs with 50 percent reduction, various tourist products and markets to help overcome the current situation Syria and the world are passing through which negatively affect the tourism sector. The tourism sector ensures main source for the income of large number of the Syrian families.

The domestic tourism, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, constitutes quarter of the tourist movement in Syria as the coastal region acquires 80 percent. Aiming at encouraging domestic tourism, the Ministry also kicked off Syria Summer Festival in Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia governorates, in addition to activating the religious, cultural, medical, coastal tourism and adopting multimedia marketing policies.

A number of owners of tourist and commercial facilities announced unprecedented reductions for staying in resorts and hotels. Tartous and Lattakia hotels kicked off one of the remarkable initiatives to encourage domestic tourism through the announcement of a reduction from 40 to 60 percent.

The Syrian Airlines also announced weekly flights on Lattakia-Cairo, Lattakia-Aleppo, Cairo-Aleppo, Kuwait-Deir Ezzor and Stockholm- Qamishli, in addition to attractive offers on tickets.