Any agency who is serious about the business of business travel and who is not a member of a global brand-name network is at a competitive disadvantage …and they probably don’t even know it. So what can they do about it? They have a number of options. They could consider any one of a number of fine global organizations in business travel who accept member agencies; most are TMCs themselves and so compete with their members for the really ‘juicy’ accounts, especially those that are multi-national. Then they might look at the quasi-coops who are owned and run by their members, who are also trying to run their own businesses at the same time. They could play ostrich and ignore the globalization that has taken hold in business travel. Alternatively, they could explore becoming a member of the UNIGLOBE family as a Global Partner agency.

We are presently seeking serious agencies who want to leverage their local success to grow their corporate business far beyond their own borders. This is what our Global Partnership Program (GPP) offers, an international presence built by combining our well-recognized brand with their local brand, to give the best, most successful independent agency owners in previously untapped regions access to our UNIGLOBE Travel network.

UNIGLOBE Travel is the leading global travel management system specifically specializing in the mid-sized corporate market with more than 700 locations covering the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, in more than 50 countries, and annual system-wide sales of over $3 billion. In fact, in the last 12 months, new member agencies have joined us in the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Morocco, France, Poland, the UK, Romania, Slovenia, India, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, Australia and most recently, Russia. But what makes a Global Partnership affiliation with us so attractive is not just the name recognition that says ‘we’re global’ and our buying power that brings customized leading edge technology within easy financial reach. It is our non-competing support and the enduring opportunity for growth in a competitive, ever-expanding global marketplace.

Our Global Partners can promote, share and sell their travel products to other UNIGLOBE Travel agencies. They can access booking and management tools that are faster and far more sophisticated than their current technology. With our UNIGLOBE FareSearch tool, with one click, they can search the world, not just their own market, for best fares. Backed by our resources and expertise, these agencies are perfectly positioned to win lucrative new corporate accounts, particularly at government and multinational levels, and to work with their UNIGLOBE colleague agencies around the world to service them.

Agencies that are serious about business travel partnerships are a good fit for our program, and we are talking to more of them all the time. They are impressed by our reputation, our worldwide presence and our years of experience. But what stays with them is our “small-company” feel, and the fact that we are driven by our customer service culture. You call us, we respond. You partner with us, we partner with you.

None of our competitors, and certainly no other corporate travel entity, offers an equivalent to UNIGLOBE Travel’s Global Partner affiliation program. No one else does what we do and I have the frequent flyer miles to prove it.

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