Inventor finds solution for wandering Alzheimer patients


Patrick Bertagna, founder and co-inventor of the GTX Smart shoe joins Sandy to discuss this new invention and what it means to patients and families.

GTX Corp. is introducing new shoes, loafers, and sneakers, with GPS built into them. Using a downloadable app, caretakers can track and be alerted if patients and loved ones wanders out of a pre-set safe zone. Find out how Alzheimers patients worldwide can be fitted with the Smart Shoe.

The GPS Smart Shoe (available Aug. 2011) will provide millions of caregivers the means to help easily find those afflicted with Alzheimer’s that wander and become lost. Currently impacting 5.3 million victims, with predictions of 14 million US victims by the year 2050, Alzheimer’s disease is fast becoming “one of the biggest public health dilemmas ever encountered. The simplicity behind the GPS Shoe is that when a senior with Alzheimer’s wanders off more than a pre-set distance, their caregiver will immediately receive a geo-fence alert on their smartphone and computer, with a direct link to a Google map plotting the wanderer’s location.

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