Virtual visit of La Reunion island now available on iPad and iPhone


After launching its iPhone application in May this year, La Reunion Tourism has come out with a new application that is also compatible to the iPad device.

This new application called “Visites virtuelles Réunion” (Reunion’s virtual visit) will enable users of both iPad and iPhone to discover the island of La Reunion through a 360° virtual panoramic tour of the island.

The application will allow users to discover, or even re-visit, the various sites and attractions of La Reunion island as in real life. Through the service, users will be taken to three of the island’s main sites of attraction, notably Mafate, Cilaos, and Salazie. Users can also have a peek at La Reunion’s marine life, including a glance of the island’s lagoons and beaches.

The virtual panoramic tour of the island further enhances users’ experiences with readily available information, as well as proposes other sites that can be of interest.

The application is easy to use and includes various functionalities, such as the adjustment of volume, zooming options, sharing sites on Facebook or email, and much more, that give users a more enriching experience.

The application can be easily downloaded by simply visiting the Apple Application store or clicking on the following link: