New York-based tourism professionals receive destination training

New York-based tourism professionals receive destination training

A group of tourism professionals in New York recently had the chance to learn more about Seychelles as a destination. This was made possible through a training session given by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Regional Director for Africa and the Americas, Mr. David Germain who had travelled to the USA for the New York Times Travel Show.

The ‘Seychelles product & destination training luncheon took place at the Spring Street Natural Restaurant, on 98 Kenmare Street, New York on January 24, 2019.

The training saw the participation of 40 tourism professionals from New York, Connecticut and Newark, most of whom are already involved with selling Africa and the Middle East.

Joining Mr. Germain were Qatar Airways marketing team representatives from the airline’s New York office who gave presentations on the products and services of Qatar Airways.

Updated information about Seychelles and its products, as well as the services and flight schedule of Qatar Airways from North America to Seychelles, were provided to the participants. The training provided the ideal platform for those present to the ask questions.

Mr. Germain said that providing training to partners is an important part of STB’s marketing efforts to obtain results in North America, and a very essential distribution strategy for the islands in that part of the world.

“Travel Agents have great power to influence and direct consumer demands, they are not just intermediaries, they act as liaison between supply and demand, and thus very important and essential partners for Seychelles in North America, especially, as there are thousands of them who works from home,” he added.

Familiarization and educational trips to Seychelles for North American agents are often organized by STB, in collaboration with the various airlines and trade partners.

Mr. Germain further stressed that on every occasion STB takes part in major exhibitions in North American cities; the team takes the opportunity to organise various trainings on the sideline. Such training is a practice, which STB intends to continue undertaking in North America, to boost the knowledge of as much North American trade partners as possible about the destination.

North America has witnessed a consistent increase in yearly visitor arrivals to the archipelago of 115 islands in recent years and STB expects a further increase in visitor numbers from that region in 2019.

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