Showcase of Indonesia’s creative expressions


Returning from last year’s success, the KRIDAYA 2011 exhibition is back to showcase the art and cultural products from the entire Indonesian archipelago. Scheduled to take place at the Main Lobby, Assembly and Plenary Hall of the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, from August 3-7, 2011, it is open from 1000 hours to 2100 hours, Western Indonesia Time. The exhibition will also be an exclusive showcase of art and culture for the international community.

Carrying the theme, “Increasing the Use of Handicraft Products in Daily Life,” the exhibition will be highlighted by no less than 330 participants from all Indonesia’s 33 provinces. Participating in the Kridaya 2011 exhibition are: craft artisans, small-scale businesses, consultants, artists of various media, art and culture workshops, art collectors, galleries, academics, students, financial institutions, and other independent public institutions.

This year, the exhibition will specially feature the angklung as its icon. Established as a world Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and made into a new Guinness record recently in Washington DC, the touch of angklung and bamboo as its sole material will decorate the exhibition. Aside from the decoration, there will also be various furniture, interior materials, souvenirs, and musical instruments made from bamboo. On a special note, there will be a violin made from bamboo and an electric angklung, which will be digitally played from a computer.

Various textiles, batiks, hand-woven fabrics (tenun and sulam), embroideries, jewelries, and accessories, will also be featured along with various crafts from wood, leather, ceramics, glass, metals, and many more.

The KRIDAYA Exhibition 2011 will also be filled with demonstrations on how to make batik, keris (ancient Indonesian dagger), Wayang puppets, and more. Throughout the exhibition, a musical kroncong performance and Javanese ludruk (traditional comic) theater will entertain visitors. There will also be talk shows, fashion shows, traditional dances, and other musical performances that will be performed throughout the exhibition. With only a IDR 10.000 admission fee, the exhibition is estimated to reach the target of US$150,000 in transactions.

Scheduled to be opened by the First Lady of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono, the KRIDAYA EXHIBITION 2011 promises to be an exceptional exhibition to witness and take home some of the beauty of Indonesian arts and crafts.